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cPanel ™ Introduction

What is cPanel?

cPanel is a control panel. It is a leading web management dashboard that lets users manage their hosting accounts with ease. It allows you to oversee and control email accounts, domain extensions, and install new applications if required, like WordPress, Magento, Joomla etc. It gives you control over and to manage your entire web hosting account.
While cPanel does offer you a huge volume of features and customizations to take care of, you don’t really have to understand them all in order to manage your website effectively.

There is quite a bit of documentation available on every page within cPanel itself, usually listed along the top. For example:

Though cPanel is pretty heavily documented. we'll be pointing out just some of the particulars here with regard to navigating some of the most important areas of the cPanel interface and in order to help get you started right away.

The basic areas of cPanel we'll cover are located in the side menu above (or in the links below if you're using your phone). We'll go over things like the cPanel interface, cPanel's base home page, managing domains, email setup, managing your files in cPanel, setting up databases, and looking at your statistics reports with Awstats.